Empleos de tecnico air condicionado , Estados Unidos
Communications Specialist Description The National Airspace Systems Integration Support (NISC) program at Leidos is seeking a Communications Specialist to support multiple Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) programs including The Office of Policy, Internation... [...] .
18 Junio 2024 - Leidos -
Tactical Aircraft Maintenance KEEPING SPECIALIZED AIRCRAFT AIRBORNE The Air Force employs hundreds of tactical aircraft to complete our missions, including fighters, strike-fighters and attack planes. It?s the responsibility of Tactical Aircraft Maintenance specialists... [...] .
13 Junio 2024 - U.S. Air Force -
Cyber Systems Operations SECURING OUR TECHNOLOGY The Air Force relies heavily on advanced computer and software systems, so it is paramount to keep those systems safe. It?s the job of Cyber Systems Operations specialists to design, install and support our systems ... [...] .
13 Junio 2024 - U.S. Air Force -
Special Reconnaissance FIRST ON THE SCENE TO WIN THE FIGHT Every mission hinges on battlefield awareness. It?s the job of Air Force Special Reconnaissance (SR) to provide it - any place, any time. These Special Warfare Airmen deploy by any means - from airborne,... [...] .
13 Junio 2024 - U.S. Air Force -
South Portland
Pararescue SAVING THE LIVES OF FELLOW AIRMEN When an injured Airman needs saving from a hostile or otherwise unreachable area, it?s our duty to bring them home. As members of Air Force Special Warfare, Pararescue (PJ) rescue and medically treat downe... [...] .
13 Junio 2024 - U.S. Air Force -
Aircraft Structural Maintenance ENSURING AIRCRAFT INTEGRITY When an aircraft suffers damage, it?s essential to fix it and get back in the air. Responsible for repairing physical damage, Aircraft Structural Maintenance specialists maintain the high quality structures of A... [...] .
13 Junio 2024 - U.S. Air Force -
Aircraft Mechanic A&P RS Sheetmetal Tech II in GAC Mesa Unique Skills: P* MRO structures/sheetmetal repair and maintenance experience or military aviation structures/sheetmetal repair and maintenance experience preferred Education and Experience Requirem... [...] .
13 Junio 2024 - Gulfstream Aerospace -
Munitions Systems ASSEMBLING OUR AMMO As the world?s leading air force, we work with some of the most advanced weapons known to man. It?s the responsibility of Munitions Systems specialists to manage all aspects of nonnuclear munitions processes. Working wi... [...] .
13 Junio 2024 - U.S. Air Force -
Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) BRINGING FIREPOWER TO BATTLE There are few things that can change the course of battle like a properly executed air strike. As members of Air Force Special Warfare, Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) imbeds with Army and Marine units on the... [...] .
13 Junio 2024 - U.S. Air Force -
Aircraft Fuel Systems KEEPING AIRCRAFT PROPELLED There is little to no room for error during flight, especially when it comes to the fuel system. Responsible for diagnosing and repairing fuel system malfunctions, Aircraft Fuel Systems specialists correct proble... [...] .
13 Junio 2024 - U.S. Air Force -
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